Tuesday, January 26, 2010

To Health and Toilets

Went to the dr with Dave today and his groan pain was due (most likely) to a pulled tendon. Cure for this problem is- wear a jock and ice at night (I know tmi). So I figure I'll just put my ice cold feet in that spot every night, which by the way I'm forbidden to touch him anywhere with my cold feet.

Tonight I'm cleaning the bathrooms. I must admit I love to clean toilets, MY toilets. I used ajax and vinegar and pumice and they look so nice and clean- DONE! I think I like cleaning bathrooms because when I'm done I know everything is really clean. When I clean the living room I dust and vacuum BUT is it really clean and disinfected? I think not. But I really think you could eat off my toilet when I'm done.............. oh my I'm getting carried away with this!!!!

Well, today I'm thankful for Dave's good health and clean toilets. Both could change in a short time but that's okay, for today I'm feeling blessed for both Dave, healthy or not and toilets, clean or not.


  1. Jeff calls my feel "zombie feet" because nothing should be that cold and still be living.

  2. I don't ever go without socks. I definitely have those zombie feet!