Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Guilt Post and Gardening

I have a few blogs I check regularly and when there are no update I wonder "When are they going to update their blog?" I get so excited when they do. Then I thought I never update (November 2010 is considered never.) so here I go.

I am enjoying updating my flower beds this summer. It has been easy because it's been so cool and wet but the rain has stopped and the heat has begun. Now the work will start.

My roses are very thirsty. I have to avoid getting water on their leave so I am putting a soaker hose down for them. I hope they like that. My impatients are filling out but I got them in late and it's been cool so they are very delayed. My hostas got eaten by something so they look a little rough but they will survive. OH MY, I JUST FOUND A TICK CRAWLING UP MY LEG. Oh the joy of gardening. I do prefer ticks to snakes and mice. [But they all creep me out!]

I think God had a great idea with plants. They make me feel so close to the earth and God. I think that is how it is supposed to be. At one with Nature/God.

I am at peace with my Creator and His Creation. Amen!

Now I feel empowered because I updated my blog!!!!