Monday, August 23, 2010

Giants Steps

I walked almost 5000 steps today. That is my highest since Katie and Stacey got me my pedometer. I like that I did it without trying. That was day #1 of preschool.

After doing that and eating great all day I got 4 dozen cookies at Eileens. I only ate 3. No 4. One chocolate/chocolate chunk, one oatmeal raisin, one monster, one choc/choc. Is that pathetic or what? Well, I will try again tomorrow. Dave will have them eaten by the time I get home............. did I tell you I figured out we need to eat opposite diets? Dave- low fat (cuz he has high cholesterol) and Judy- low carbs (cuz I have fat around my middle). And of course I cook the way Dave likes to eat. So now I have to figure out how to cook without having to cook two different meals. ........... I can do it.

For my warm up- me, me, me, me and a right, kick, left, kick turn repeat. Get in shape girl. One step for the pedometer one giant step toward fitness in 2010.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

31 Years Ago

31 years ago we were at a youth ice cream social at our church. We were the youth sponsors and we had made homemade ice cream and cupcakes for the event. I didn't get my kitchen cleaned before we left and when we got home Dave said, "Just go to bed. I went to bed only to awaken a few hours later with a back ache- big deal, I'd made ice cream and cupcakes, helped at an ice cream social, taken care of a 17 month old and was one week overdue to have my 2nd child, who wouldn't have a back ache? Dave awoke cuz I was restless. He flew out of bed, said we were going to the hospital, called his parents to come watch son #1 and we left. I was hysterical because he wouldn't wait for his parents to make the 2 mile trip to our house. I couldn't believe we left our child alone (Dave told me could see his parents head lights coming down the road.) and was even more upset because I wasn't having contractions. 5 miles from the hospital I had my first contraction. 4 contractions later we were in the ER entryway having our baby. Scott David was born at 4:14 a.m. He was such a calm little guy. His big brother loved him so much. Our family was complete and I was the happiest mom on earth. Everyone said I didn't look like I'd just had a baby. The day I got home from the hospital I put the boys down for naps and went out to mow (it was my routine). Dave came out and asked what I thought I was doing. I realized maybe I was pushing it but I felt like a million bucks. I was so happy to be a mom and it just kept getting better............ to be continued 4/29/11.