Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Sun" day

We've been having a lot of foggy days. The fog lasts all day. I don't usually mind days without sun but I must admit it's been foggy too long. Today the sun came out. It made the house seem cleaner, the food tasted better and I felt almost giddy. So, I'm thankful for the sunshine today.

I remember standing at my kitchen window while our kids grew up. I'd look out the window and enjoy the scenery. Now the trees have grown and I can only see across the road. I miss seeing the pasture and the cows. I've asked Dave to cut some of the trees down so I can see farther. He said he would. I'm so happy!!

Right now it's snowing and the wind is blowing 30-40 miles per hour. I guess that's what makes Nebraskans so steady. We have been conditioned to acclimate to changes (in weather) in short periods of time. I'm glad I live in Nebraska and am thankful for the people that go out into such extreme weather to take care of me and the people I love. Thank you!!!

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