Friday, January 29, 2010

Cel-e-brate good times, come on!

The Denver Danglers are on their way. I'm so excited to see them!!! They are going to Scott's game and I get to stay with Celie! Stacey is on her way to Ne also. I can't wait to see everyone.

I have a real problem missing my children/grandchildren. I keep working on it but I just can't get over it. I miss them!!

I'll write later about our together time.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

To Health and Toilets

Went to the dr with Dave today and his groan pain was due (most likely) to a pulled tendon. Cure for this problem is- wear a jock and ice at night (I know tmi). So I figure I'll just put my ice cold feet in that spot every night, which by the way I'm forbidden to touch him anywhere with my cold feet.

Tonight I'm cleaning the bathrooms. I must admit I love to clean toilets, MY toilets. I used ajax and vinegar and pumice and they look so nice and clean- DONE! I think I like cleaning bathrooms because when I'm done I know everything is really clean. When I clean the living room I dust and vacuum BUT is it really clean and disinfected? I think not. But I really think you could eat off my toilet when I'm done.............. oh my I'm getting carried away with this!!!!

Well, today I'm thankful for Dave's good health and clean toilets. Both could change in a short time but that's okay, for today I'm feeling blessed for both Dave, healthy or not and toilets, clean or not.

Monday, January 25, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things.NOT!

Dave has been having some pain in his lower abdomen so he's going to the dr tomorrow. He doesn't know it but I'm going with him. He won't like that but that's okay- I AM going with him. So that means I have to have a sub. The things I don't like- Dave's got a health problem, Dave is going to the dr, I am keeping something from him, I had to get ready for a sub. I have always been proud of the fact that I don't keep things from Dave. I talk openly about how I spend money, feel about things, my political or religious beliefs, how to raise/nurture our children, etc. He doesn't always talk back but he doesn't roll his eyes or tell me he thinks I'm stupid. I honestly get the feeling that he's in awe of me being able to verbalize my thoughts and feelings.

I have decided I will only discuss my fitness/healthy eating on Fridays. Otherwise I will make myself nuts. So you can skip Fridays if you want to skip my prattle.

GOOD NEWS- Our preschoolers were so sweet today. They always are but today they were full of hugs and sweet words. I even had a couple bat their eyes at me. I LOVE MY JOB!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Sun" day

We've been having a lot of foggy days. The fog lasts all day. I don't usually mind days without sun but I must admit it's been foggy too long. Today the sun came out. It made the house seem cleaner, the food tasted better and I felt almost giddy. So, I'm thankful for the sunshine today.

I remember standing at my kitchen window while our kids grew up. I'd look out the window and enjoy the scenery. Now the trees have grown and I can only see across the road. I miss seeing the pasture and the cows. I've asked Dave to cut some of the trees down so I can see farther. He said he would. I'm so happy!!

Right now it's snowing and the wind is blowing 30-40 miles per hour. I guess that's what makes Nebraskans so steady. We have been conditioned to acclimate to changes (in weather) in short periods of time. I'm glad I live in Nebraska and am thankful for the people that go out into such extreme weather to take care of me and the people I love. Thank you!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Yadda, yadda, yadda..........

Well, here I go. I am doing my first blog. I feel very powerful because I am doing something that I've figured out on my own (just a little help from MBG). I want everyone to know that I am so blessed and wish for them to feel the same which makes every day a joyous day!

I have been in a rut the last few years.......... not sure why but I blame it on many things- loss, empty nest, children moving away, inattentive husband, physical calamities, menopause, lack of spiritual nurturing, etc. Perhaps I let myself be used up by others and now I don't have anything left for me. BUT I believe that I will regroup and be the best ME very soon. Watch out, I'm not sure what is going to happen but I know it will be awesome!!!