Tuesday, February 16, 2010

See you, Kim.

When I started early childhood special education I was told to prepare for the death of a student because our students are often fragile. Yesterday one of my former students died. I've been sad, sad, sad. It was Kim. She had a stroke when she was four. She could do on her own was blink and breath. I can still remember how her family and community tried so very hard to help her get back some of the skills she had before the stroke. She got little tiny parts back. But only those of us who worked with her regularly would notice. I let her touch snow. She seemed to smiled and reach for it. We smelled flowers, touched feathers, counted fuzzy bunnies, touched velvet abc's and read and read. My heart is so heavy.............. but I know she's running and laughing and FREE!!! I love you Kim. I can't believe you were 22. I thought you were still 4...................

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  1. My heart goes out to you. I know when I lost a student last year, it was so very hard to understand. There is a lot of comfort though, knowing they're in God's hands. She's blessed, but that doesn't stop those of us still here from hurting. I'm saying an extra prayer for your heart tonight. Teacher love is a strong bond, no matter how many years it's been.