Friday, July 30, 2010

Out with the Old

I had to help move my 84 year old mother out of her apartment- I WILL NOT LEAVE JUNK FOR MY CHILDREN TO CLEAN UP WHEN I MOVE. I enjoyed going through things with my sister but this is the third time we've gone through the same "stuff". So now I have a garage full of my/our stuff to get out of my life. We have 15 rooms in our home and I've gone through 13 of them- bath, shower, master, girls, boys, tv room (minus the board games), rec room, kitchen, living room/dining room, family room, utility room, & store room. That leaves- guest room (my mess), school room (my mess), & den (our mess). Next will be the garage. I am hoping Dave will help but if not I've done it alone before so I know I can do it again.

THEN.............. it's time for school to start and I have to clean my classroom, too.

Less is more! I want less and less- out with the old and in with the nothing!

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  1. It sounds wonderful. :-) Isn't it a great feeling?! Moving has helped me simplify and I continue to do so as I'm unpacking. Hooray for simplicity!